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LoyalT® Setup

1. Why do I need to name my loyalty programme?
This is used as your unique identity on the app for your customers. Name it closer to your business name for your customers to find you easily on the LoyalT® consumer app.
2. Why does the image need to be 5:3 aspect ratio?
The image will need to be in 5:3 aspect ratio to fit properly within the card space on the consumer app and make your brand look good.
3. Can I update my loyalty programme?
Yes, you can update the details of your programme at any point of time depending on your needs. Just visit: LoyalT® Web portal> My Programme> Review > Edit Make the changes and click on Update. This will update our systems immediately and all the transactions from then on will be according to the new terms.


1. How can I pay for LoyalT®?
You can pay using both a debit card or a credit card. An automatic settlement of your net payable will be done as soon as the amount is equal to +/- £25. The payment card you used to pay the deposit will be used for this automatic settlement. If the net payable is +£25, your payment card will be debited with the amount and if it is -£25, your payment card will be credited with the amount.
In case the payment card transaction fails, then the amount will be deducted from the deposit fee, your account with us will be suspended with an email will be sent to you notifying the same. We will inform the customers about the unavailability of your loyalty services on our platform. You can resume to provide loyalty services to your customers on our LoyalT® platform simply by paying again the £30 deposit fee.
2. How is the ‘Net Payable’ calculated?
Net Payable amount = fees + reward value collected – reward value redeemed, as explained below.
Fees = Point collection Fee + Redemption Fee + Campaign Fee + Exchange Fee
Reward value collected = Value of the reward points eligible for redemption
Reward value redeemed = Value of the reward points redeemed
Net rewards value= outgoing rewards value – incoming rewards value.
3. What do I pay?
Please click on the link below.
Pricing details
4. How do I change my card details?
Click on Profile on the left side menu of Account Summary page. Click on ‘Update payment info’ button to change your payment card.

LoyalT® Services

1. How do customers collect and redeem points?
Customers use the LoyalT® app to collect and redeem their points. You need to present your QR code available on the LoyalT® Business App for your customers to scan using the LoyalT® app for consumers. Please refer to our explainer videos.
2. How many collections (scans) before customers can redeem their rewards?
This is as per the number you provide when you set up your loyalty programme. You can update it anytime by visiting My programme section on your dashboard.
3. What are Offers campaigns?
You will be able to create offers in the LoyalT® web portal to push to your customers registered with LoyalT®. You can choose when to run the campaign to maximise the effectiveness of it e.g. to capitalise on the lunch time rush.
4. What does each section in Reports and Analytics tell me?
All of the data given in the Reports and Analytics will give you insights into how well your loyalty programme is performing. Each section is broken down below shows the data till date.

a. New customers acquired - This will let you know how many new customers you have gained through LoyalT® in the last 30 days.

b. Total customers - This will let you know how many total active customers you have registered with LoyalT® from the beginning till date.

c. Loyal customers - This will let you know how many total active customers have visited your store and transacted through LoyalT® at least once a week in the last 30 days.

d. Points collected – These are the total number of points your customers have collected using LoyalT® from the beginning till date.

e. Points redeemed – These are the total number of points your customers have redeemed using LoyalT® from the beginning till date.

f. Offers Pushed - These are the total number of offers you have pushed to your customers from the beginning till date.

g. Active Offers Today - These are the total number of offers you have pushed which are active today.
5. Unsubscribe from LoyalT® - what does it mean, how to re-subscribe?
When you unsubscribe from LoyalT®, the points your customers will have collected with you and not yet redeemed will not be available to them anymore. Your programme will also no longer be visible on the consumer app. You will have access to the web portal but will not have access to your business mobile app.
Should you re-subscribe by paying the deposit fee again, you can choose to start fresh with zero balance for all customers or you can choose to start from where you left and honour all the previous unredeemed points of the customers which they collected from you, earlier.
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